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Name that Moggy…

The Lunt working cats, famous throughout the land, need names…

All proper cats have three names, this makes them Jellicle.



The Lunt Roman Fort has employed two expert hunters in a bid to help keep the fort safe from incoming sieges by their enemies. Two elite feles have started working at the museum in order to keep the ground safe from vermin attacks.

Feles, or cats, were introduced to Britain by the Romans two thousand years ago. The new recruits are a mixture of white, black and tortoiseshell in colouring and have fearless but graceful personalities along with sharp, rending claws.

The Lunt Roman Fort is asking for help from its visitors to complete the cats’ names. Like the Romans they need three names but unfortunately only have two. The tom, or male, is called Drusus Pollux and the molly, or female, is Drusilla Castor.

The winner will have the joy of having their name going down in mouse catching history and a glorious, private guided tour of the Lunt Roman Fort in March.

To submit your entry contact Dominic Russell or Andrew Peel on 024 7678 6142 or email by Tuesday 31 January 2012.

The CUTELIST oh come on…

I am very proud of this blog and have put a lot of work into the marketing.  I have good content, the best photos and strong advertising so when I did my monthly analysis I was interested to see where we had been listed.

We have lots of weapons, we have a military facility and our highest ranking on Redit was the cutelist, the CUTELIST.  Because that particular post included a picture of a cat.

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A good picture… but the cutelist

Spot the Cat … Answer

According to Rob there is no cat in this picture.  But he is wrong.  He is so wrong.  This is a picture of our she working cat.  She is very shy and likes to live under the shed.  If you look to the yellow cone her face is peeping under the wood.

Only twenty four hours left to celebrate Pomona and win a site tour

Smugness, yes I am smug because nobody will ever guess my name hahahahahahaha

So far the only person to guess my cats name is my mother and she managed to get it wrong! As my old sargent used to say “Engage that planet sized brain Russell” well that does not apply to you unless there is an amazing coincidence of names. To be frank people, If you can guess the cats three names you win a site tour… and I even give you clues

First Name… this cat was found up a tree just like his namesake
second name… this killed the other cats
third name … non-magical footware

Please have a go because otherwise my mother will win and I will have to give a tour to my … family

All entries to

Spot the Felem (Cat)…

Life is hard as a working cat… ha thats a joke…we feed the little beasts, water them, give them a Roman Fort to play in and children to distract.  When we requested them from the Cats Protection League we were told that we would hardly ever see these shy retiring monsters.  Yesterdays tour was interupted when they decided to sunbath on the ramparts.  

In this picture one of the felem is trying to sneak up on me as I am trying to eat a salmon sandwich in peace.  In fact, they have a really nice cat house but prefer to sleep under the shed.

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