My event of Good Friday occurred to me in the previous year but by then Easter had passed.  I continued to think about it over the year and was able to run the event this year and count it a success.  Throughout the year I was able to do research into the event and the most surprising thing for me was the length of the cross itself.  I have always been under the impression that it was a very tall cross towering over the landscape, I was very surprised to discover that the whole thing was about seven foot in length with one foot in the ground to support it when it was in situ.  

My plan was to give a talk using objects and building at the fort to illustrate what happened.  There is a stake in the gyrus that was used to illustrate the scouring.  The one thing I did not act out was the scouring because last time I used a whip I hit myself in the face and the the back of the head at the same time.  

As I put together my props I found it hard to find suitible pieces of wood for the cross.  I found a cross beam but failed to find a shaft.  So I had a coffee and watched the rabbits until I suddenly realised that my cross beam was in fact seven foot long.  I even now am amazed that seven foot is so short.  I measured it and confirmed it and used it.  

Throughout the day people were amazed at the shortness of the cross and this provided an excellent sources of conversation.  We discussed how prisoners would be able to put their feet on the floor, prolonging the agony, how the victim would be in the face of the watchers, how easy it would be for the soldiers to keep the man alive with drink and food but also how a soldier could drive a spear into the side of the victim hitting the heart and lungs as opposed to the gut.

All in all a good day of experimental archaeology.