Personally I like fish and chips.  Obviously this would be impossible for the Romans unless they ate chips made from some other root vegetable than potato which was as anachronistic to the Romans as you could get.  One of the reasons why I do not believe that the Romans ever found america in spite of the appearance of a pineapple on a Pompeii wall painting and Egyptian mummies full of cocaine  is that they they did not introduce potatoes.  If they got to America that is the one plant that they would have brought back.

When it comes to food the Romans were as adventurous as they were experimental with punishment.  What kind of mind could look at rotting fish guts and think, “That would make a great source?”  The Roman mind.  These people were imperialists driven by their bellies.  “Lets set up a trade link with the Baltic so we can eat goldfish!  Lets trade with Africans to get the brains of flamingos for a nice mousse!  We seem to have spent all the gold buying spices from India… the Dacians seem a bit rich, get up lads!”