Working at the Lunt has seen a change in my attitude.  All my life, in fact throughout my academic life, I have been pro-organisation, pro-collectivisation and frankly in another age I would have been pro-empire.  In fact now I am ashamed to say I was an imperialist.  What has changed is me.

I disliked the rebellious celts partly because they were on the wrong side, partly because they lost but mostly because they were in fact many of the things I admired truly admired but was frightened of.

At the same time thought out my life I have had a sense of this thing that I was both enamored of and hated.  As a soldier I remembered having to weave my way though a dense forest, close to a bog I could not see for the trees smelling of moss, damp, still air and untrod soil.  At that moment I knew that this was all I wanted in my life and my dream of being a lawyer felt so tired, grey and poor.

That dream reappeared at Lunt, when I walked to the gateway in through an air thick with pollen, the sun burning the cold frost from the lawn and a mist haunting the wooded hill.  We live in a different world from the celts but that is the kind of thing that warmed their hearts, that fed their romantic souls.  That is the true value of culture in general and Lunt in particular, this is a place where the soul, the mind and the body can be renewed and I am thankful for the opportunity to feed by soul there.